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Need of CCTV Camera for Shops

Kovai Vision provides insight-based, integrated Services and has the strength, scale to engage in truly strategic partnerships with Customers, ensuring deep understanding of their strategies and systems. This knowledge, along with our proprietary technology and proactive talent, enable us to share superior insights driving sales and keeping valued shoppers returning to their stores.

Buildings differ in its ownership as government, public, corporate, and individual. Our envelope of building includes all government properties, supermarkets, shopping malls, cinema halls, construction sites, industrial sites, religious sites, and many more. Buildings also vary diversely, depending on their purpose, geography and architectural structure. Every building or site is faced with numerous security issues which also vary with their structure, functions, crowd-density, etc.

Benefits of Security Camera for Shops

    • Monitor Activities in Every Place of Your Site.
    • Monitor Your Stores and Stores Activities.
    • Reduce Annual Theft Losses.
    • Deter Internal Theft by Employees & Contractors.
    • Monitor Day-To-Day Operations.
    • View Facility While Off-Site On a Smartphone or Tablet.
    • Improve Customer Service.
    • Ward Off Trespassers and Vandals.
    • Decrease Liability from Frivolous Claims & Lawsuits.
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