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Need of CCTV Camera for Transports

Security and safety at transport facilities are important for public safety. Every year there is considerable criminal activity on public transportation including buses, metros and trains. With a Milestone solution, public transport vehicles with onboard surveillance can always record video while on route.

High resolution camera with excellent zoom capacity allows you to zoom and recognize without hassle any vehicle number. Fisheye camera with full 360 or 180 view angles, allows maximum view of your surroundings. Continuous recording facility maintains recorded videos for later playback. Infrared and night vision camera can produce clear images even at night times. The new IP based camera makes installation easy and hassle-free with the reduction of wires.

Benefits of Security Camera for Transports

    • Remote Monitoring.
    • Prevents Crime and Stops Criminals.
    • Prevents Vandalism.
    • Enhances the Safety of Public.
    • Serves as Visual Evidence.
    • Reduces Passenger Injuries.
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