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CCTV AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Do you have a CCTV System? Which you purchased from a vendor who never came back after installation?.

Well, that’s common, and the reason is that manufacturers work through dealers who sell to re-sellers and finally reaching out to end user. The process is so long that the person, who is supposed to service you at the end, turns out to be someone who does not even know about the device. We are different. We are a CCTV installation service provider & repair CCTV through AMC. Thus we ensure that there are only experts in our company, meant for the job.

Costs: The value for money will be very high with us, as we believe in establishing a long term relationship based on continuous support and development. One repair call you give to us, and you get associated with us lifelong, only if you’re willing to!.


Kovai Vision agrees to provide the following services under this agreement to keep the system in good working order, save for circumstances beyond the control of Kovai Vision. Annual Maintenance Contract Terms and Condition for CCTV Camera in the Annual maintenance contract for the CCTV Camera, DVR and power supply. The Annual maintenance contract shall be non comprehensive and includes repairing and services of all hardware including CCTV Camera, DVR power Supplies.

Payment Terms:-

The AMC amount shall be paid in one installment, on date of the commencement of the contract.

Terms & conditions:-
  1. Period of the contract is mentioned and specify on the Annual Maintenance Agreement.
  2. The customer shall be responsible for providing proper power source to the equipments.
  3. This contract is not covered if equipments are burnt due any reason. Contract is not covered if any intentional / un-intentional physical damage is cause to the equipments. Contract does not covered misuse, abuse and force major condition like earthquakes, floods, lightening, etc. strikes and other social disturbances.
  4. The cost of the AMC will be 10% of the total amount of invoice covered for a period of one year commencing from the date of signed agreement ensuring prompt services with the terms and conditions mentioned in the AMC agreement.
  5. The AMC agreement shall not covered any kind of penalty.
  6. In case of any dispute regarding the AMC contract the decision will be taking by both the parties …and Kovai Vision will be the final.
  7. If any product goes on repairing so instead of that Kovai Vision do not provide any product in the exchange of that.
  8. The problem will be solve within 48 hours from the time of complain.
  9. Complain will be received by E Mail with detail (like camera number, place etc) on (kovaivision@gmail.com) only.
  10. If full and final amount of the Invoice & AMC are not received, we do not provide Warranty of goods, services, etc. & services will be chargeable in advance.
  11. AMC contract is not covered public & national holidays.
  12. will providing ladder and etc for working.
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